Nebraska Agricultural Resources:

  • 1st in Acres under Irrigation
  • 1st in Cattle on Feed
  • 2nd in Ethanol and Distillers Grain Production
  • 3rd in Corn Production

2015 Corn Crop = 1,637,600,000 Bushels Produced


Dawson County Ranks in the State of Nebraska:

  • 8th in Corn Production
  • 42nd in Soybeans
  • 11th in Forage
  • 27th in Corn Silage

3 Ethanol Plants Supplying Distillers within 60 mile radius


Abundance of Farming Land in the Dawson County Area:


Agricultural Data for the Gothenburg Area:

Acres of Irrigated Alfalfa 59,944*
Tons of Alfalfa Production 437,400*
Acres of Irrigated Corn 936,062*
Bushels of Corn 205,281,012*
Cattle on Feed 1,169,594
Ethanol Plants in Trade Area 6
Potential Tons DDG 589,000
Potential Tons WGS 2,120,000

*2012 USDA NASS Statistics for Dawson County and 6 Contiguous Counties (