Gothenburg Fertilizer Plant a Key Piece in Midcontinent Hydrogen Hub Plans

Gothenburg Fertilizer Plant a Key Piece in Midcontinent Hydrogen Hub Plans

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Zero-emissions plant to create jobs, reduce agriculture costs

A Nebraska-based startup is developing a new fertilizer production facility that will be in
Gothenburg. This domestic supply will reduce costs for farmers in the region and produce "zero-carbon"

The Meadowlark Project took several years to develop and is at an advanced stage. JWC Gburg, LLC has secured
a building site, key engineering and technology contracts, green electricity supply, liquefied CO2, and wastewater
input sources.

Initial project financing was secured in 2021, with rounds of grant, equity, debt, and tax incentives on the
immediate horizon, including participating in the Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri joint “Midcontinent Hydrogen
Hub” application to the Department of Energy (DOE).

“The Meadowlark Project builds on Nebraska’s long tradition of innovation in agriculture. This project will more
sustainably produce high-quality fertilizer right here in our state, reducing our reliance on foreign imports and
transportation delays,” said Governor Jim Pillen. “This plant comes at a critical time for us to add high-paying jobs
and lower farmers’ costs in this region of our State.””

The plant will achieve net negative emissions through a zero-carbon production process that utilizes liquified
CO2, reduces transportation-generated emissions from current import requirements, and produces emissionsreducing
fuel additives as a byproduct.

"The excitement around this project is palpable and it is particularly rewarding to experience cooperation and
support from many different sources,” said JWC Gburg co-founder Joshua Westling. “The Governor and the
State of Nebraska, our Federal, state and local elected officials, and utility company leadership, just to name a few,
have all provided support necessary for this project to become a reality.”

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